For several years, I felt a strong urge to learn energy healing and had been waiting for the right teacher to come on my path.I waited for so long for them to appear not realising they were already there, often snoring right beside me!My dog, Bree was to be my teacher...

When Bree was 9 years old she was diagnosed with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and given 10 weeks to live.I was told there was nothing holistic that could be done to help her and that she would be in a lot of pain with the cancer spreading right through her body within weeks.According to the vet, the only hope was amputation of her hind leg.This wasn’t an option.Bree was 62kg, already 9 years old and we lived in a two story house.I knew if her leg was amputated she would sulk herself to death!

So together we started our healing journey.Immediately I changed her diet and noticed an improvement in her mobility.I gave Bree energy healing every day.After a few weeks it started to take effect and she began to sleep less, was more alert, enjoyed rides in the car and was chasing sticks at the beach again.I continued to give Bree healing on a daily basis and around 5 months after her diagnosis we returned to the vet to discuss a brace to support her leg. The vet was astounded to see her bound through their doors full of vitality.They wanted to do a follow up x-ray which was unheard of in osteosarcoma cases, as they couldn’t understand how she could still be alive with such an aggressive cancer that should have claimed her life months ago.

Bree went on to live a full and active life until she passed away 9.5 months after her diagnosis at the grand old age of 10.5.She was my best friend, a patient teacher and the catalyst for a change in my career.


Canine Massage Therapy is a wonderful treatment for all types of dogs, regardless of age or breed they will all experience benefits.

Massage therapy improves mobility, relieves muscular tension, boosts immunity and helps to rid the body of toxins. Massage also reduces scar tissue and knots and encourages healing which allows dogs to recover faster and more fully following injury or surgery.Massage also calms the nervous system which promotes relaxation and releases endorphins which significantly reduces pain. Regular treatments are highly beneficial for elderly dogs or those suffering from arthritis.

Gait analysis is included in each massage session.This allows me to check the movement of your dog which gives me additional information about restrictions, tight muscles and areas of compensation i.e. whether your dog is favouring one leg etc.

I also treat our feline friends, as massage offers the same benefits to cats.However, whilst they respond well to treatment, cats do not tend to tolerate touch therapies as well as dogs, so treatment times may be shorter.


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) originates from osteopathy and is gentle and non-invasive.It considers the whole body and it’s relationship with the cerebral spinal fluid, therefore it has a very profound effect on the nervous system, calming, relaxing and improving immune function.CST also helps to detoxify the body and improves respiratory function.

CST works on a physical, physiological and emotional level, releasing pain and trauma that may be held within the body’s tissue and re-organising the soft tissue, ligaments and tendons which hold the skeleton in place.This improves posture, balance, range of movement and reduces compensations within the body, giving long lasting results and limiting the need for chiropractic adjustments.

Animals respond extremely well to the subtle CST adjustments. CST is recommended regularly and is particularly important after dental work, as any imbalance of the TMJ (jaw) can cause compensation issues to occur throughout the whole body.Often issues at one end of the body are mirrored at the other, i.e. hip issues arise when the jaw is misaligned.

CST allows all of the systems of the body to function better, increasing health, mobility, immune function and promoting a calmer more relaxed state of being.


Energy healing is safe and effective for pets of all sizes, from budgies to horses.Energy healing alleviates pain and discomfort, improves immunity and stimulates the body's own ability to heal.It is gentle, non-invasive and works well with other natural therapies and complements conventional medicines.

Energy healing can help prevent serious illness developing as it boosts immunity and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which de-stresses the body and allows each of the body’s systems to function in harmony with each other.

I have worked with dogs, cats, horses and birds, treating issues such as arthritis, meningitis, cancer and epilepsy.During a healing session I detect and clear energy blockages within an animal’s system.These blockages must be cleared to facilitate healing.When working with animals their symptoms, pain or discomfort is often mirrored in my own body, which gives me an excellent indication of what their symptoms feel like, their location and intensity.

The number of sessions required depends on the condition being treated.Animals may show an improvement in health and wellbeing after several sessions, however regular treatments may be required to shift more serious conditions.


Bach Flower remedies are safe, effective and entirely natural so may be used in conjunction with any other therapies or medicines, either conventional or holistic.

There are 38 different flowers which help with a wide array of issues from improving confidence in timid or mistreated animals to travel sickness, fear of fireworks, aggression and separation anxiety.

Bach Flower Remedies can also assist both pet and owner with the process of euthanasia, the introduction of new family members or the stress of moving house.They calm and restore emotional balance, reducing fear, anxiety and grief which can often translate into behavioural problems.Rescue Remedy is also available and great to keep on hand for emergencies and shock.

Bach Flower remedies can easily be added to meals, drinking water or squirted directly into the mouth.All remedies are made to order, according to each individual's needs.


Nutrition plays a vital role in the health of all animals.A natural, balanced diet consisting primarily of raw foods will improve the health, longevity and quality of life for cats and dogs.A natural diet supports skin and coat health, reduces fur balls and itching, improves energy levels, controls weight, cleans teeth and supports immunity, which reduces the likelihood of serious disease developing.

Dietary advice for cats and dogs is available at the time of treatment, at no additional cost.


CranioSacral Therapy
Canine / Feline Massage
Energy Healing

Dogs, Cats and Small Animals :
$85 per treatment session
Initial consultation and treatment (approx 75 mins)
Follow up treatments (approx 60 mins)

Horses and other Large Animals :
$80 per treatment session (approx 75 mins)

Bach Flower Remedies

$35 for a 25ml bottle
Includes a consultation to determine the most suitable blend

Most animals love the experience of massage, craniosacral therapy and energy work, however, treatment times may vary according to how much the animal can process in one session.Often when animals have had enough they get up and move away.This should be respected to ensure every treatment is a positive, relaxing experience.

Treatments can be done at your home/paddock or you can come to me.Travel charges may apply outside Christchurch.

As each animal responds differently to various treatments, I may incorporate an additional therapy during a session at no extra cost.This gives your pet the benefit of different treatment options within the one appointment to get the best results.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your pet’s health needs.I am happy to discuss options and outline a suitable treatment plan.


Lisa came out to treat Toby, one of my racehorses.After one treatment I noticed an improvement in his recovery rate after training and his general wellbeing, and within a few days of his treatment he won his first ever race!Toby had another treatment after his win and then again after a training accident.Both of these treatments significantly helped his recovery as well as improved his appetite, and he won a race again the following week.Having just taken on another horse, I asked Lisa to treat her and since that treatment I have noticed a better appetite and improved well being and attitude in this mare.I cannot recommend her services more highly.

James : Christchurch

Lisa did a very thorough massage on my 15 year old dog, Elly and the results were just amazing. I haven’t seen Elly walking so well for a very long time, and she enjoyed every minute of it. She now walks straight, stands evenly on all four paws, can manage our stairs a lot better and is holding her head a lot higher and her tail is now out from between her legs. It's really fantastic to see how much happier she is in herself, and how vocal she is again :)I am amazed at just how much the massage has helped her arthritis, I will definitely be booking in regularly.

Penny : Christchurch

Lisa came out to visit my horses and I witnessed something truly amazing with her energy healing. I had a mare who'd had a fairly rough past and for the past 5 or 6 years she'd been left in a paddock and had lost complete trust in people. I was spending a lot of time working with her, and over a few months had managed to form a fairly strong bond, although I had to be extremely careful how I behaved around her. This horse did not trust anyone else, and no one could go up to her in the paddock without her walking away from them as soon as she spotted them. Not only did Lisa manage to approach her without her walking away, but when Lisa put her hands on her, her eyes closed and bottom lip dropped. She was totally under Lisa's spell. It was amazing, and so great for me to see Flake bonding and trusting someone other than me. You could see a bond develop through the healing - the instant trust was totally unexpected and very rewarding to see. Not only did Flake instantly trust and fall in love with Lisa but she actually followed her out of the paddock. It was crazy!!! It was nice to be able to communicate to Flake through Lisa and find out what Flake needed from me. An Amazing experience.

Laura : Christchurch

Maia is now playing with her toys instead of eating my plants and everything in sight. Her behaviour is way better she no longer jumps on us and also listens to instructions either straight away or on second time. The cats also don’t seem to mind her much anymore which is strange, as one in particular would hiss when she approached. Don’t know what else to say except I wish I knew about you earlier, thank you so much. Life is so much better and less stressful now and work isn’t such a daunting thing to go to worrying about her while I’m away. Thanks again – you’re an angel for all the improvements with Maia!

Vicky : Christchurch

Thanks Lisa for being a beautiful soul and sharing your positive energy.It was so moving to see you comfort the beautiful whale on the beach a couple of weeks back.So amazing that it was able to swim free.Bless you Lisa....we need more like you in the world xo

Tania : Christchurch

I used Lisa for my horse Fred recently, who had been diagnosed with TMJ syndrome and was in a lot of pain. During Fred's session he had a huge amount of releases. Lisa also asked me if he had any gut issues, and it turned out he actually did have a wee problem so I am so grateful for her picking up on that. He’s now on a probiotic, has lost weight and his tummy issues have improved considerably. She also helped to resolve his TMJ issues and release restrictions in his stifle, where he's been very stiff for some time. Since his treatment Fred hasn’t shown any pain, I was able to avoid the vet and any pain relief and a couple of days afterwards I was lunging and riding him again. Lisa is incredibly dedicated to her job and has a special way with the animals. I highly recommend her!! Fred enjoyed his treatment and we will be back.

Emma : Christchurch

Soleno appeared to be quite tight around over his shoulders and neck.Lisa worked on these areas and we began to see his muscles flinching as the tightness was being released he then also relaxed and fell asleep with his eyes closed and yawning.Since Soleno's first treatment he has been very foward and free moving through his shoulders and is much more comfortable through his neck.He then went to Oxford ODE that weekend and won his dressage impressing many and I!I highly recommend Lisa, she's very kind and is very calm and quiet with the horses while also doing an awesome job!I'm looking forward to her working on my OTT TB mare at some stage to see some of the same awesome results!

Jaime and Soleno (Solly) : Christchurch

My 13 year old staffy had a very bad incontinence problem. I prefer to use natural products so I contacted Lisa, who suggested a blend of flower essences may help. Within the first month of using them their was an obvious improvement with only the occasional puddle on the floor. Ella has now been on the flower remedy for several months and she no longer has any incontinence at all! I am delighted the flower remedy has made such a huge difference and will definitely continue to use them.

Paula : Christchurch

Dear Lisa - I Just wanted to write to you and let you know that Buddha is already a different dog. He is happy and we went for a quick walk tonight that he really enjoyed. Seems to be back to his old self :) We will keep the drops up and report back to you soon. Hopefully it will continueThanks a million!

Emma, Leon & Buddha : Christchurch

Sam, my 5 month old puppy was frequently troubled by her back end, often yelping in pain for no apparent reason and looking to me to help her! I had no idea what to do or what was wrong with her.Although I admit to being a little skeptical about healing and unsure how it might help, it certainly worked! Lisa lovingly gave Sam a treatment and since then she's had none of the symptoms she had before seeing Lisa!!She is now a comfortable, relaxed puppy. Thank you!!!!

Jacqui : Christchurch

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Lisa Clark

Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy
Equine CranioSacral EcoSomatics 2
Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition
Certificate in Energy Healing
Bach Flower Remedies 2
Marine Mammal Medic
Certificate in Reiki 2
Member of SAENA